Kathy Slade

Curriculum Vitae


Reading the Rock, Kathy Slade and Lisa Robertson in conversation, Contemporary Art Gallery, 2023

Kunstverein Braunschweig, interview with Kathy Slade (video), 2020

Kunstverein Braunschweig, exhibition pamphlet, 2020

Kathy Slade: This is a Chord. This is Another, downloadable version of exhibition catalogue (hosted on Surrey Art Gallery site), 2018

Kathy Slade & Lisa Robertson: It was a strange apartment…, Justin Muir, essay from exhibition at Malaspina Printmakers, 2012

Charting Kathy Slade's Soundless Chords, Brady Cranfield, essay from exhibition brochure, 2006

Kathy Slade and the Infinite Sadness of Utopian Melancholy, Brady Cranfield, text from a talk given on April 22, 2006 at the Tracey Lawrence Gallery

Veruca in the Nut House, Sydney Hermant, essay from exhibition brochure, 2003

"Kathy Slade and Sydney Hermant in Conversation", originally published in Cahier D'Activité, 2003

"Yard Goods", Lisa Robertson, essay from the exhibition catalogue Embroidered Monochrome Propositions and Other New Work, published by the Western Front, Vancouver, 2002

"Strange Brew" Patrik Andersson, originally published in Made Magazine, Winter 2002



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